The Kelsey Family


          As isolated as the frontier of west central Missouri was in the late 1830's it must have been too crowded for the Kelsey brothers David, Benjamin, Samuel and Andrew who settled in the Hoffman Bend area. Samuel (not known if Sr. or Jr. was elected J.P. in Rives County in 1835.) Samuel Sr., Andrew, Benjamin, David and Samuel Jr. all entered their federal land in the same section in what became St. Clair County. Rough and contentious, the brothers had trouble with authorities in Missouri and in California where they later became early pioneers.


          The family was considered shrewd and inclined to make the most of their opportunities.  This caused some feeling among the neighbors. They were charged with trying to secure the pre-emption claims of some of their neighbors and they were invited to leave. Soon after this the Kelsos emigrated up the river.[1] {This family lived just north of Roscoe on the Osage River.}


This charge of attempting to secure the rights of preemption from their neighbors resulting in an 1841 lawsuit in Henry County against Andrew Kelsey and Charles Beale. Two years later both men headed for Oregon in Jesse Applegate's Cow Column.


          In 1838 Samuel Kelsey was indicted by the state of Missouri with assault with intent to kill. He was called but defaulted as did his securities Samuel Kelsey, Sr. and Andrew Kelsey.  His attorney appeared at the next term and in November of 1838, the court again indicted Samuel Jr. with assault with intent to commit manslaughter. He appeared at that time and moved to quash the indictment. The court agreed.


          Only David appears on the 1840 census in Missouri as head of household. He was enumerated in Rives County, p. 368 as David “Kelso” with 1 male 5-10, 1 male 15-20, 1 male 20-30, 1 male 80-90; 1 female 5-10, 2 females 10-15, 1 female 30-40.


          David may have stayed behind when Andrew and Benjamin headed to California in 1841 as he had was maintaining their father, likely Samuel Kelsey, Sr., the male 80-90 in David's household. Perhaps Samuel Sr. then died leaving David free to take his family west. Except for the following marriage records, the Kelsey's then drop out of Missouri records:


Samuel Kesley m. in Cole Co. 5 March 1835 Lucretia Applegate.

Andrew m. 18 June 1839 in Henry Co., Mary Kelsey

Benjamin Kelsey m. in Henry County, Missouri 25 October 1838, Nancy Roberts.


Andrew Kelsey b. ca. 1819? in Kentucky; d. 1849 near Clear Lake California. He went with his brothers to California in 1841 and went to Oregon in 1843, probably to join his brother David. He returned to California in 1844. In 1847, he gained privilege of grazing their cattle near Clair Lake. He and Charles Stone scorned the use of conciliatory methods with "Injuns and such varmint' and were both killed in 1849.[2] One version of the incident follows:

                   In the fall of 1849 when Stone and Kelsey were away with the vaqueros, attending to their cattle one da.. [an Indian] squaw poured water into their guns. The next morning some of the Indians made a charge on the house. Kelsey was killed outright with an arrow shot through the window. Stone escaped upstairs and on the Indians rushing up after him, jumped out of an upper window, ran to the creek and hid in a clump of willows...An old Indiana found him and killed him with a blow of a rock on the head.[3]


          In the 1860s when a town was established not far from the adobe that Kelsey and Stone built, it was named Kelseyville in his honor, as was Kelsey Creek.[4] Although Andrew was thought to be a bachelor by California historians, he probably did marry Mary Kelsey in Missouri, but she may have died soon after. There were apparently no surviving children.


Benjamin Kelsey b. ca. 1813 in Kentucky; d. February 1888 in Los Angeles, California m. 1838 Nancy Roberts b. 1823 in Barren Co. Kentucky. Moved to Jackson Co. Missouri in 1826. In Nancy became famous as the first American woman to go to California by the direct overland route.[5] She d. 1896 of face cancer in California. She is bd. at the head of Cottonwood Canyon.

          They called Napa Valley their home from 1845 and were known as rough men often in trouble with the authorities. Although Benjamin did not live at Clear Lake, his treatment of the Indians in the gold mines did much to provoke the killing of his brother Andrew.

          Afterward Benjamin and his family were said to have moved briefly to Humboldt County and then to Oregon from 1851-1855. Later, they went to Mexico and Texas for Benjamin's health. They were in various parts of southern California between 1860-1878 but finally returned to California living first in Lompoc, then Fresno, then Inyo County and finally Los Angeles. After her husband's death, he lived in a remote cabin in the shadow of the Cuyama Mountains. Her recollections have been published several places, most recently in Nunis, pp. 196-199. [See San Francisco Examiner February 5, 1893, p. 19 cls. 6-7.]


          i.        Mary Ann Kelsey b. ca. 1839 in Missouri 40; road in front of her mother on the overland crossing to California.

          ii.       Margaret Kelsey b. ca. 1843 in Oregon

          iii.      Andrew Kelsey b. ca. 1845 in California

          iii.      ? Possibly Ellen K. b. 2 Aug. 1845 at New Helvitia

          iv.      Mary Kelsey b. ca. 1847 scalped by the Indians at age 13 when the family was travling south in 1859. She recovered, however, and died in Fresno five years later.[6]

          v.       Nancy Kelsey b. ca. 14 February 1851 m. John W. Clanton in Inyo Co. and d. 28 May 1958 [see Sacramento Bee 22 Feb. 1941, p. 20, cl 2; May 31 1948 [sic] p. 13 cl. 2.


David Kelsey b. ca. 1800 d. 1845 of small pox at Stockton, California m.

          He first went to Oregon with Applegate, but joined his brother Andrew's upon his return to California in 1844. He settled at French Camp, San Joaquin County. It was soon after the settlement that David contracted small pox from which he died and which left his wife blind. She died shortly afterwards.



          i.        Rebecca Kelsey b. ca. 1822  m. (1) Fowler and left him. (2) by Sutter in December of 1845 Grove Cook.

          ii.       Josephine Kelsey b. ca. 1826 d. Stockton 1871 m. Dr. C. Grantham.

          iii.      America Kelsey b. m. 7 August 1846 at Sutter's Fort, California George F. Wyman.

          iv.      Frances Kelsey b. 1826 possibly in Missouri m. 1844 Willard J. Buzzell. He was a native of France and a seaman on a whaling vessel. While the ship was moored at Half Moon Bay, California, he and a companion deserted and W.J. became a trapper in the coastal mountains. After meeting Captain Weber at San Jose, W.J. Buzzel joined him in business and moved to Stockton.[8]


Samuel Kelsey b. ca. 1816 in Indiana – he was prominent in the Bear revolt in California and a signer of the original proclamation of 14 June {year unk}. He was with Benjamin and Andrew on the Bidwell-Bartleson train, but had Soda Springs decided to go to Oregon. He joined his brothers in California in 1844.[9] He is said by Nunis to have had a wife and five children.



Morgan County: John Sutherland Madole b. ca. 1821 d. 1905 m. Isabelle Kelsay b. ca. 1818 d. 1879. They had daughter Elizabeth who married Warner Howser Kays. (see his entry for source) John and Isabelle were living in Morgan County in 1850. Both born in Kentucky . Had sons Samuel and Hugh.

One William E. Taylor (prob. res/o Polk Co early 1840’s) loaned $$ Samuel Kelsay money in 1846 at Sonoma California. Taylor kept a diary of his overland migration in 1846 which is in the Sutter Fort Historical Monument collection.

George Stuart in The California Trail p. 29 Andrew Kelsey obtained grazing rights near Clear Lake California. Being the dominant character that he was he subjected the local Indians to what amounted to slavery. In 1849, they killed him and as was the custom of the time were slaughtered punitively. Benjamin showed the same attitude toward the Indians, but did not suffer the same fate. He shows up in the records of Oregon, Texas and southern California. In 1861, one of his daughters was scalped by Commanches in Texas.

Moses Kelsay and Some of his Descendants by Carol G. Kelsay Kentucky Mount Missouri 1971, typescript.

Moses Kelsay was listed in 1800 Barren County Kentucky with son James. He d. 30 Dec. 1812 in Barren County intestate. The heirs who signed and quit claimed were on 26 June 1821 John Kelsay and Samuel Anderson of Barren County James Kelsay, John and Elizabeth Kelsay Wilson, Johnson and Anna M. Kelsay King of Monroe County and Hugh Brown of Allen County

Samuel Kelsay m. 18 October 1804 Barren County Sally Williams. The last record for him is when he sold his father’s land in 1813 and is mentioned as a former resident of Barren County on 26 June 1821 when his siblings signed a quit claim.

Barren County Deed Book H:321 Whereas Samuel Kelsey formerly a resident of Barren County Kentucky being one of the heirs of the estate of Moses Kelsey, deceased, did bargain and sell to Joshua Cross 150 acres by survey which was recorded on 10 March 1813. The under named are all the heirs of Moses Kelsey deceased: John Kelsey, Samuel Anderson of Barren County, James Kelsey, John Wilson, Johnson King of Monroe County and Hugh Brown of Allen County Those heirs do certify to the sake by Samuel Kelsey and do relinquish and quit claim any right they may have had. 26 June 1821. Elizabeth Wilson and Ann King made their mark. Wit: Philip Carter and Christopher Epling. No indication that Samuel ever appeared. Joshua Cross then mortgaged that parcel which had been patented to Moses Kelsey to the Directors of the Bank of the Commonwealth of Kentucky .

James Kelsay b. 1770/1771 in Botetourt County Virginia s/o Moses and Jane Kelsay m. 5 Aug. 1793 Jane Hamilton Tax list of 1800 Barren County Kentucky . Settled in Morgan County Missouri. Another place says will dated 9 Sept. 1847! d. 24 March 1849. bur. unmarked grave.

Neither Moses nor Samuel Kelsey appeared as head of household in 1810 in Kentucky . James Kelsey was there with 2 males under 10, 1 males 10-16, 1 male 26-45, 1 male over 45; 3 females under 10, 1 female 10-16, 1 female 26-45.

1820 Monroe County Kentucky  p. 199 James Kelsoe 1 male under 10, 2 males 10-16, 2 males 16-26, 1 male over 45; 4 females under 10, 1 female 10-16, 2 females 16-26. This is believed to be the man who moved to Missouri and died in Morgan County.

Barren County Deed Book K:290 Samuel Kelsey and his wife Margaret and William Kelsay and his wife Jane sold on 19 March 1825 John Hunt 123 acres of land in Barren County for $450. The former was of Barren County; the latter of Monroe County Wit: Jos Winlock, John Colbert and Christopher Haines. [These are sons of James Kelsey]

James Kelsay b. 5 Aug. 1773 in Greene County, North Carolina (later became Tennessee) He left a will in Morgan County Missouri dated 24 March 1849. bur. Kelsay Family Cemetery m. (2) Jane ? she d. 3 March 1856 in Morgan County; also bur. there.

He was listed in Cooper County Missouri in 1830, p. 200 with 1 male 10-15, [Hugh] 1 male 50-60, [James] 2 females under 5, [Nancy] 2 females 10-15, [Sarah Isabella] 2 females 15-20, [Mary, Martha] 1 female 50-60.

Children of James Kelsey?

i. Samuel Kelsay b. ca. 1794 Greene County Tennessee d. before 1830 in Cooper County m. Margaret Bailey. ca. 1821. He begins to be listed on the Barren County tax rolls in 1817. She appears as a widow in Cooper County in 1830 just 20-30 years old with 5 minor children.

ii. William Kelsay b. 29 February 1796 in Greene County TN m. ca. 1822 Jane Bailey d/o Claudius Bailey. Moved to Cooper County and lived in what became Moniteau County in 1845. Head of household in Cooper County in 1830 next to his father.

iii. Mary Jane Kelsay b. 6 April 1798 in Greene County Tennessee d. 1863 Missouri m. 4 Oct. 1819 Willis Burton Brown. They are living next to her parents in 1830 in Cooper County Mo.

iv. Ann Kelsay b. c. 1802 m. Allen County Kentucky  Burton Brown.

v. Mary “Polly” Kelsay b. ca. 1806 in Barren County Kentucky m. 29 Aug. 1833 William Love.

vi. Martha Kelsay b. ca. 1808 in Barren County m. 16 Dec. 1831 in Cooper County Missouri James Kelsey b. ca. 1810 in either Kentucky or Indiana (census records don’t agree) They had a son Moses. James MAY have been the son of Revolutionary War Soldier John Kelsey or Alexander Kelsey.

vii. Isabella Kelsay b. ca. 1816 in Barren County Kentucky m. 26 Dec. 1839 in Morgan County Reuben Burnett. They resided in Osage River in Miller County near New Highway 54 bridge of Osage River. Reuben m. (2)? Believe Reuben and Isabella had one daughter Isabella b. 4 June 1849.  See Madole?

viii. Hugh Kelsay b. 13 January 1816 in Barren County m. 13 Jan 1848 Morgan County Hannah Ratcliff. His mother Jane, age 70, b. Tennessee is living with them in 1850. Sister Sarah age 24 b. Kentucky  is also in the household. Ivy Cemetery in Osage Township., Morgan County, Missouri: Hugh Kelsay d. 11 April 1857, age 50 years; Julia Ann Kelsay d. 5 Aug. 1873, age 84 years.

ix. Sarah Kelsay b. 26 June 1820 Monroe County Kentucky  m. 1855 Charles Parks Tompkins.

x. Nancy b. 5 Feb. 1824 in Monroe County Kentucky  m. 1838 Jeremiah Ratcliff.

xi. Margaret Kelsey m. Morgan County Missouri 28 May 1846 Nathan W. Kays. He died on a trip to California and she m. (2) Sterling Connor.

Samuel Kelsay of Washington County TN left a will dated 23 Feb. 1795 naming sister Anna’s sons Samuel Kelsay Nelson and Henry Nelson who were to have two tracts of land in Washington County three brothers: William, Moses and John; sister Margaret Peoples; brother David Kelsay; nieces Elizabeth Mary Peoples and money due from their father Nathan Peoples. Brother Moses’ son John Kelsay all due on certain bond. Brother William Kelsay and brother-in-law Henry Nelson Exrs.

It is suspected that the John Kelsey named in this will is the Revolutionary War soldier that died in Cooper County Missouri in October 1830, age 85 years. He was probably the 80-90 year old living with Alexander Kelsey in Cooper Co, p. 200. His household consisted of 2 males under 5, 1 male 10-15, 1 male 15-20, 1 male 20-30 (James? who married his cousin Martha?) 1 male 40-50; 1 male 80-90; 1 female 5-10, 1 female 10-15, 1 female 30-40, 1 female 80-90. He is said to have moved from Wayne County, Kentucky, with son Alexander James Davis Kelsay and his family. Also coming with this family were Isabella Anderson and John’s daughter Margaret Kelsay Manes and her family.

1850 Morgan Co: unidentified Kelsey: Jane age 52 b. VA; William age 21 b. Kentucky , James age 24 b. VA, Nancy age 15 b. Missouri, Elias age 13 b. Missouri and Matilda age 10 b. Missouri. She is living fairly near Jane widow of James Kelsey.

In 1835 Hugh Band Kelsay moved from Warren County with his family to 5-41-16 in Morgan County They also had a large family. Elizabeth Kelsay Combs and husband Azur Combs moved from Allen County Kentucky  and settled near her father Hugh Band Kelsay on Indian Creek. The Kelsay family cemetery was located on a part of James and Jane Kelsay’s land and many pioneers are buried there including the Revolutionary War soldier. (History of Morgan County, Missouri). [Ivy Cemetery in Osage Township.

Hugh Kelsay d. 11 April 1857 age 50 years; Hugh B. Kelsay d. 9  Feb. 1867, age 75y, 10m, 5d.

West and northwest of Versailles in Haw Creek Township. were Hugh Morrison, Samuel Kelsey, Wodson Scoggins, James G. Wooten, David McFarland, William M. McCaroll, Samuel Thurston, and Robert Wilson (Hx of Morgan co, p. 404)


Greene County, Tennessee

Mary Kelsey m. 5 January 1797 Alexander William Anderson

Jennet Kelsey m. 25 January Samuel Anderson

John Kelsey m. 20 Feb. 1809 Nancy Neil

James Kelsey m. 5 Aug. 1793 Harsha Hamilton.

Query (AnSearchin Fall 1987) John Kelsey m. Margaret Campbell; son Moses d. 1812 m. (1) Jane Hamilton Hursha m. (2) Jannet Smith d. 1809 Barren County Kentucky .

Query (Prairie Gleaner) March 1978 p. 58 David Kelso (Kelseay, Kelsey) b. York, Pa in 1775 m. Jean Kinckade in Rockbridge, VA in 1791. He was 80-90 on the 1840 Rives County census. His son David m. Susan Jane Cozart.

Henry County Deed Book C:366 1 July 1840 William C. Powell and wife Barbary sold to David Kelso of Rives for $400 the E of SW of 26-35-27 and NE of NW of 35-35-27. John Givens, J.P. of Cedar township.

The family configuration remains problematic. The Oregon family believes that David is the father of the group who headed west, but do not know his father. An undocumented family group sheet gives Samuel Kelsey as son of Samuel Kelsey, Sr. and Sarah Williams. She was the second wife and is also said to be the mother of Andrew and Benjamin. Samuel’s first wife was Annie Thornton and by the first marriage bore Peggy, Jenney and Annie Kelsey who married Abner Hobbs. They were living in Barry County Missouri in 1840 p. 32 with 4 minor males, 1 male 40-50; four minor females, 1 female 20-30, 1 female 30-40. On the following page was James Kelsey 1 male 5-10, 1 male 20-30, 2 females under 5, 1 female 5-10, 1 female 20-30.


1799 No Kelsey's


          Samuel Kelsoe 100a          Glover Creek           1 poll over 21; 1 poll over 16; 2 horses

          James Kelsoe  no land                 1 poll over 21

          William Kelsoe 100a   ? Creek      1 poll over 21 1 horse



          Moses Kelsoe          no land                  1 poll over 21 3 horses



          Samuel Kelsey                   no land         1 poll

          Moses Kelsey          no land         1 poll over 21; 1 over 16

          John Kelsey            no land         1 poll, 1 horse

          James Kelsey                    200 acres ent by William Kelsey Tran? Creek 1 poll 1 horse



          John Kelsey            100 a Big Barren     1 poll, 1 horse



          Moses Kelsey            100a Glover Creek 1 poll over 21; 1 over 16 2 horses

          Samuel Kelsey         no land; one poll

          James Kelsey           200 acres Glover Creek 1 poll 1 horse

          William Kelsey         no land 1 poll



          Samuel Kelsey         1 poll, 1 horse

          Moses Kelsey            130a Glover's Creek 1 poll over 21; 1 over 16 4 horses

          John Kelsey            100a Glover's Creek 1 poll, 2 horses

          James Kesley            no land 1 poll 1 horse


1804 - June 30th all Kelsey's enumerated

          William Kelsey         1 poll, 1 horse

          Samuel Kelsey         1 poll, 1 horse

          John Kelsey            100 acres Glover's Creek 1 poll 2 horses

          Moses Kelsey                    150 acres Glover's Creek 1 poll 5 horses

          James Kelsey                    200 acres Glover's Creek 1 pol 3 horses



          Moses Kelsey           150 acres no poll 3 horses ent by M. Kelsey

          James Kelsey           200 acres Glover's Creek ent by Wm Kelsey 1 poll 3 horses

          same                      50 acres Glover's Creek ent by J. Kelsey

          Samuel Kelsey         100 acres Dry Creek ent by Jas Davidson 1 poll, 1 horse

          William Kelsey         1 poll 3 horses

          John Kelsey            100 acres on Glover Creek ent Jno Kelsey 1 poll 3 horses.


          Samuel Kelsey         100a Canoe Creek ent Wm Williams 1 poll 1 horse

          James Kelsey           200a Trace Creek en by Wm Kelsey 1 poll 5 horses

          John Kelsey            100a Glover's Creek ent by Wm. Kelsey 1 poll 5 horses

          William Kelsey         no land 1 poll 1 horse

          Moses Kelsey                    150 acres Glover's Creek no poll  4 horses



          James Kelsey                    200a Glover Creek ent by W. Kelsey  1 poll 5 horses

          David Kelsey                    90a Big Barren ent Wm Williams 1 poll

          Samuel Kelsey                   no land 1 poll, 2 horses

          Moses Kelsey                    150a Glover's Creek 4 horses ent M. Kelsey



          John Kelsey            110a Glover's Creek ent J. Kelsey 1 poll, 2 horses

          James Kelsey                    195A Spring Creek ent by J. Kelsey       

          same                      50 Glover's Creek ent by J. Kelsey 1 poll, 5 horses

          Moses Kelsey                    150a Glover's Creek ent by M. Kelsey no poll, 4 horses


          James & Moses same

          John                      100a Glover's Creek

          Betsy Kelsey m. 26 Aug. 1809 John Wilson


          same as 1809 except Moses listed with poll         

          Hugh Kelsey m. 17 Sept. 1810 Anna Wilson


          James Kelsey                    94A Spring Creek 1 poll 5 horses ent J. Rogers

          B Hugh Kelsey         50a Glover's Creek no poll ent same

          Samuel Kelsey         150 acres ent by Moses Kelsey 1 poll 2 horses

          John Kelsey            100a Glover's Creek 1 poll 2 horses



          James Kelsey            94A Spring Creek ent by J. Rogers 1 poll 5 horses

          John Kelsey            100a Glover's Creek ent by J. Kelsey 1 poll 4 horses

          B. Hugh Kelsey        50A Glover's Creek ent by J. Kelsey no poll no horses

          Samuel Kelsey         150 a Glover's Creek ent by M. Kelsey 1 poll 1 horse 

E:400 On 6 August [date not given] probably 1812. Samuel Kelsey sold to Joshua Cross 150 acres deeded in the name of Moses Kelsey #257 lying in Barren Co. on waters of Glover Creek for $400. Those who signed were Samuel Kelsay, Sarah Kelsay, John Wilson, Hugh Brown and Johnson King. The witnesesses were James Kelsey, Samuel Anderson, Joel Cross and Samuel Kelsay. This was witnessed and recorded on 15 February 1813. Sarah released her dower on 2 March 1813.  

1813 Flippens Company

          John Kelsey            100 Glover's Creek ent by J. Kelsoe 1 poll 4 horses

          B. Hugh Kelsey        50 acres Glover's Creek en by James Kelsey no poll no horses

          James Kelsey           44 same eng by Jno Hartley 1 poll 6 horses

          the same                47 ent by Jesse Royes

          Joshua Cross            150a Glover's Creek ent by Moses Kelsey


1814 Flippens Company

          James Kelsey                    94A ent Spring Creek by J. Hartley 1 poll 5 horses

          John Kelsey            100 Glover's Creek ent by John Kelsey 1 poll 4 horses

          David Kelsey           no land 1 poll 1 horse

          Hugh Kelsey            50 acres on Glover's Creek 1 poll 4 horses


1815  Flippens

          Hugh B. Kelsey        100a Glover's wn W. McGinnis 1 poll 2 horses[10]

          John Kelsey            no land 1 poll 4 horses

          James Kelsey                    95 Spr Creek 2 poll 5 horses


On 16 March 1815 James Kelsey and his wife Jane of Barren Co. sold to Phillip Carter of same for $165 land situated on waters of Spring Creek containing 56 acres. This was the same parcel James had purchased from on 14 March 1815 from Robert Hawthorn, attorney in fact for Gersham Hunt of Tennessee. Wit: Sylvester Hall and Landmon Short who were in clerk's office. [D:260 ]         


Peck's Co.

          David Kelsey           no land 1 poll 2 horses

Barton's Co.

          James Kelsey          96a Spring Creek en by J. Hartley 1 poll 6 horses

          Samuel Kelsey         no land 1 poll 1 horse

          Hugh Kelsey            140 a Glover's Creek B. McGinnis 1 poll 3 horses.


          John Strain             50 acres on Glover's Creek ent by J. Kelsey 1817

          Samuel Kelsey         1 poll, 2 horses

          James Kelsey           99 acres Glover 1 poll, 4 horses

          William Kelsey

          Hugh Kelsey            40 acres, 1 poll, 3 horses

          John Kelsey            100 acres 1 poll, 3 horses


G:176  22 March 1819 James Kelsey of Barren sold to John Strain of same a tract of Glover's Creek containing 50 acres which was conveyed by Isaac Shelby, Gov. to James Kelsey and by a survey bearing dated of 27 Sept. 1807. There was no dower release nor Witnesses. Recorded 24 March 1819.




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