January 2, 1857

City Council paid Benoni Merrifield $8.00 for furnishing a coffin for John Thompson.


Married in the town of Swan on 4th inst. by Isaac L. Pratt, Esq., Mr. J.P. Higgins and Miss Z.A. Simmons.


Married near Green Bush on 14th by L.L. Ury, Esq., Mr. George W. Adkisson and Euphrasia J. Gordon.


Married the same day by Rev. L.S. Wallace, Mr. James R. Barnett of Galesburg and Miss Margaret J. Wallace of Warren Co. and Mr. William H. Burnett[sic] and Miss J. Penney.

Married on 18th inst. by E.A. Paine, Esq. at the Illinois House, Mr. Michael Clen(?) and Miss Lucy Underwood, all of Berwick.


Married 24th inst. at the Pennsylvania House by Elisha Nye, Esq., Mr. John Cox and Miss Catharine Malone, all of this city.


Another death notice of Mrs. Rebecca and Miss Rebecca Jane Page from The Christian Times was published. New information: Her maiden name was Rebecca Thompson, daughter of James Thompson of Fredericksburg, Wayne Co. Ohio where she was born. She was educated at Worcester, Ohio; emigrated to Illinois in 1837. She was married in 1841 and for the past 11 years has been a member of the Baptist Church in Monmouth.


Died 24th December, Mrs. Emeline wife of Mr. Norman Matteson in the 41st year of her age. She was a member of the Baptist Church in Berwick for 15 years. She is survived by husband, two sons and daughter. Her remains were laid next to three children who preceded her in death.


Public notice is hereby given that Mary E. Fleming, Administrator shall attend before the March court of Warren Co. for the purpose of settling the estate of John C. Fleming, deceased. All persons indebted to the estate are notified to make payment.


January 9, 1857

Married on 11th ult. by Rev. Sam’l Miller, Mr. Jacob Lehman and Miss Maria Martin.


Married on 14th ult. by Rev. James Shelden, Mr. Jasper Armstrong and Miss Amana A. Hibbard.


Married 25th ult. by Rev. E. Jones, Mr. Elias T. Lathrop and Miss Susana Pratt.


Married same day in Hale, by Wm. S. Weir, Esq., Mr. Seymore N. Jarvis and Miss Martha M. Staley.


Married 1st inst. in Ellison by Rev. Charles H. Wornum, Mr. Samuel M. Rusk and Miss Mary E. Cole.


Died in this city on 7th inst., Mr. James J. Nichols, aged 28 years. The funeral will take place from his late residence.


Mahala Frazier vs. William V. Frazier (non-resident). Divorce. Warren Co.


Vanessa Flemming and Wm. C. Flemming, Administrators of the estate of H.C. Fleming, deceased, late of Hale, will sell good and chattels of the deceased.


January 16

Married 4th ult. at the Mansion House by Rev. Anson Tucker, Mr. Henry Hand and Miss Catharine L. Buckner.


Married New Year’s Day at the Eagle Hotel in Green Bush by L.L. Ury, Esq., Mr. Benj. H. Philips and Miss Maria L. Kickson.


Married 7th inst. at the Mansion House by Rev. Alison Tucker, Mr. Abijah Martin and Miss Polly Jane Lyons.


Married on the same day in Little York, by Rev. John Scott, Mr. Thomas Stephenson of Lafayette, Indiana and Miss Martha R. Pollock, of the former place.


Married on 8th of January in Kelly by George C. Adcock, Esq., Mr. Robert Adcock and Miss Mary Robertson.


Married 11th inst. in this city by Rev. L.S. Wallace, Mr. Thomas Stephens of Roseville and Miss Martha Harbough of Monmouth.


Married 12th inst. by Rev. J. Soule, Mr. Henry W. Bucknum and Miss Teressa M. Arnold.


Married on 1st by James M. Glothtan, Esq., Mr. John W. Ames and Miss Sarah E. Taylor, all of Cold Brook.


Married on 11th inst. in this city by Rev. J. Soule, Mr. Aubery H. Nordyke and Miss Mary E. Fitch of Young America.


Died in this city on last Tues. of typhoid fever, Mr. Samuel Stanley, aged 56.


David McDill, M.D., physician and surgeon, has located in Monmouth.


My wife, Nancy L., has left my bed and board without just cause or provocation. I will not be responsible for debts of her contracting. Asa Richardson.


My husband, Asa, has left my board and carried away his only bed out of pure laziness, all persons warned against harboring him. I have paid his debts long enough. Nancy L. Richardson.


January 23, 1857

Married in this city on 20th by Rev. R. Newton, Mr. John R. Aylesworth of Danville, Ill. and Miss Emily M. Ryner of Ohio.


Married on the 10th inst. by Rev. R.C. Matthews, Mr. John O. Sherwin and Miss Elizabeth J. Anderson.


Died near Berwick on 16th inst., Mr. Wm. Sterling, aged 17 years son of John S. Sterling. Died in this city on 16th inst., Miss Elizabeth Smiley, aged 61 years.


January 30

We learn that Mr. James Hopper and family and W.D. Sperry and family, eighteen persons in all, will leave for California on the 9th of February.


Died in this city on 23d inst. of consumption, Mr. Adams Perry, aged about 26, formerly of Barre, Massachusetts.


February 13, 1857

Married 25th December last by Rev. Chas. H. Wornum, Mr. John H. Piggott and Miss Eliza Harris.


Married 15th January last by Isaac L. Pratt, Esq., Mr. Elijah L. Clark and Mrs. Nancy A. Tate. Married 29th ult. by the same, Mr. Mason D. Kirby and Miss Matilda Tally.


Married same day by Rev. J. Soule, Mr. Philip Englehard of Galesburg and Miss Rebecca Ann Lowther.


Married same day here by Rev. L.S. Wallace, Mr. James Marvin and Miss Sophia M.(?) Harris.


Married here 4th inst. by Rev. Anson Tucker, Mr. Alexander B. Sterner and Miss Livia Beckwith.


Married on 6th inst. in Ellison by Rev. John M. Lindle, Hiram War and Miss Sarah Seybold. Married on 8th inst. by Rev. L.S. Wallace, Mrs. J.C. Wood and Miss Sarah J. Flake.



February 20, 1857

Rock Island Advertiser: Henry Early was murdered at his refreshment stand between Rock Island and Moline on Sunday while sitting on a stool leaning against a chair. The pockets of his pantaloons were turned out and everything indicated he had been murdered and robbed. The money could not have exceeded $40 or $50.


Married 7th January by Rev. John Scott, Mr. Thomas Stephenson and Miss Marsha R. Pollock.


Married 29th ult. by Rev. James P. Roach, Mr. Charles F. Morey and Miss Ann Spencer. Married on 5th inst. by same, Mr. Geo. W. Goddard and Miss Mary Tuller.


Married at Roseville February 5th at the residence of Norman Eldridge by Rev. J.A.R. Rogers, Mr. James H. Stem and Miss Mary A. Eldring, all of that place.


Married on 14th inst. at the Baldwin House by Elisha Nye, Esq, Mr. Thomas R. Squires and Miss Mary J. Taylor.


Married in this city on Monday last by Rev. Anson Tucker, Mr. A.B. Page and Miss Mary O. Tolford, late of Marietta, Ohio.


William H. Ward, plaintiff vs. Fletcher Hagler and Cleveland Hagler, defendants: Attachment for debt.


February 27

On Sunday last, the deputy sheriff arrested Wm. T. Brewster at Cameron and charged him with forgery. He was sent to Knoxville for safe keeping.


Married 10th inst. by Rev. F.M. Chaffee, Mr. J.D. Philips and Miss Lucretia McDonald. Married on 19th inst. by Wm. Walker, Esq., Mr. Peter How and Miss Phebe Low. Married on 24th inst., by A.C. Wiley, Esq., Mr. John C. Orey and Miss Mary Magner. Died on February 2nd, Robert Jay, only child of Wm. and Mary Grant, aged 10m, ld.


Lovett P. Rockwell vs. Lewis 0. Tourtellott, Katharine Tourtellott (non-resident), Azro Patterson, Joseph Weaver, W.C. Butler. Bill to subject equities, Warren Co. Circuit Court.


All persons having any claims against the estate of William Thompson, late of Warren, deceased, are requested to exhibit them on or before 4 May 1857. Andrew P. Thompson, Administrator.


March 6

David Turnbull, Esq. has returned from Kansas. He was well pleased with the country.


Married 21st January by Rev. John M. Courtney, Mr. Aaron E. Burton and Miss Sarah Brewer.


Married 20th February by Rev. John Scott, Mr. Adam H. Miller of Fulton Co. Illinois, and Miss Sarah E. Findley of Warren Co.


Married on 25th of February at the Baldwin House by Rev. M. Morrison, Mr. Jefferson G. Caldwell and Miss Mary Annabella Lusk, all of Henderson Co. Illinois.


Married at the Pennsylvania House by Elisha Nye, Esq., Mr. Samuel Cafferty and Miss Anna E. Staley.


March 13

Married here on 5th inst. by E.A. Paine, Esq., Mr. Orlando B. Stanley and Miss Eliza J. McNeil.


Married at the Pennsylvania House by C. Morgan, Esq., Mr. Jesse Grance and Miss America Parker, all of Cameron, Warren Co.


Notice is hereby given that F.K. Smith and J.D. Mackey have dissolved their partnership by mutual consent.


March 20

Warren County Circuit Court:

People vs. Levi Marquette for assault. Defendant and his security defaulted. People vs. Wm. F. Smith, selling liquor. Verdict for defendant.


People vs. Nelson Alley, selling liquor. Verdict for the people.


Married on 11th inst., by Rev. J.A. Edict, Mr. W.M. Stewart of Columbus. City, Iowa to Miss Sarah McCutcheon of North Henderson.


Married 26th of February by H.F. Sexton, Esq., Mr. Charles P. Perkins and Miss Mary(?) F. Wornum of Warren. Co.


Married on the 1st by Rev. John Miller, Mr. A.C. Andrews and Miss Margaret J. Meadows. Married (date obscured) by Isaac Pratt, Esq., —gan Roberts and Miss Elizabeth [obscured].


March 27, 1857

Died at his residence in this city on 22d inst. of consumption, Sidney G. Cowan, aged 29 years. He was born in Orleans Co. NY, learned the printing business in Buffalo, was for some years - - of The Detroit Advertiser. In 1851, he moved to Galesburg where he became Editor and Proprietor of The News Letter. In 1855, he came to Monmouth as Station Agent for the Chicago Burlington & Oquawka Railroad.


Married on 17th inst. by Rev. R.C. Matthews, Mr. J.H. Kinkaid and Miss Ann E. Patterson.


Married on 18th inst. in the town of Kelly by Geo. C. Adcock, Esq., Mr. Wm. J. Nelson and Miss Laura L. Smith.


Married 19th inst. in this city by Rev. J. Soule, Mr. George H. Nye and Miss Caroline M. Palmer.


Married on the same day in the town of Kelly by Geo. C. Adcock, Esq., Mr. Charles Pine and Miss Jessie C. Yards.


Married on the same day by Rev. L.S. Wallace, C.M. Mills, Esq., Sheriff of Warren Co. and Mrs. Evaline Stewart.


Married on 22d by same, Mr. J. Calvin Lucas and Miss Townsend, all of Warren Co.


April 3

Josiah Phelps of Saline Co. Ill. offers $1000 reward for apprehension of James Fowler who is charged with murder of Brady Phelps at Gallatin on 10th inst. Fowler is said to be making his way to Kansas or Minnesota dressed in woman’s clothes. He is 24 or 25 years of age.


Resolution of Respect for S.G. Cowan from Hall Warren Lodge No. I60 IOOF.


Mrs. Fay, dealer in millinery, fancy goods, mourning goods and bonnets has moved to rooms over Babcock and Quinby’s store.


April 10

Letter from Jos. D. Steele, now in Leavenworth, Kansas Territory, describing conditions and prices.


R.S. Joss, Executor of estate of Elizabeth Smilie, deceased, will sell real estate.

Married on 10th ult, by Rev. J.G. Evans, Mr. Egbert C. Ostrum and Miss Elizabeth McGahey, all of this county.


Married in this city on 30th ult. by Rev. R.C. Matthews, Mr. Calvin Martin of Henry Co., Ill. and Miss Mary Ann Jeffreys.


April 17

Circuit Court: Archibald Williams, plntf. vs. George F. Harding, Jane Searles, (non-resident) Henry M. Searles, (non-resident) William Searles, (non-resident) Alfred Searles, (non-resident) Esther A. Curry (non-resident) and Thomas B. Curry, (non-resident) Hannah Seaman, (non-resident) John Seaman, (non-resident) Edmund Searles (non-resident), widow and heirs at law of Rob’t Searles, deceased, Samuel Tompkins, the unknown heirs of Thomas Tompkins, deceased, (non-resident) the unknown heirs of Wm. Odell, deceased, (non-resident) Philip Van Courtlandt, (non-resident) John H. Johnson, (non-resident) Stephen Brownson, (non-resident) Ezekiel Miner, (non-resident) P.D. Wilson, (non-resident) Darlington Stewart, (non-resident) David Thomas, (non-resident) James Lombard, (non-resident) Hezekiah M. Wead, C.A. Worden, Albert Worden, John J. Worden and Curtis Worden. Summoned to appear.


April 24

Married on 2d inst., by Rev. L.S. Wallace, Mr. Wm. H. Frans and Miss Mary Ann Lucas.


Married on 9th inst. by Rev. Licy Hatchitt, Mr. Portney Bradley and Miss Aley Means.


May 1, 1857

From the Muscatine Journal: William McCarter died from the effects of a fight with a man in Rock Island last month who had bit his finger.


Married 1 April by Rev. C.B. House, Esq., Mr. Alva S. Richardson and Miss Ann Eliza Dagget.


Married April 11th by Rev A. Tucker, Mr. Charles Swan and Miss Lucretia A. Randall.


Married April 19th by James McGlothlan, Esq., Mr. Jerome Hardisty and Miss Julia Ann Johnson.


Married Apr. 22d by J.C. Morgan, Esq., Mr. Joseph T. Ellis and Mrs. Mercy B. Reed. Married April 22d by Rev. J. Soule Mr. Lorenzo Bennet and Miss Eliza Thorpe.


Married April 23d by Rev. James C. Porter, M. Adam B. Kendall and Miss Nancy Turnbull.


Married April 26th by Rev. F J. Hibbard, Mr. John Taylor and Miss Lucinda Snyder. Married 11(?) ult. by Rev. A. Tucker, Mr. Henry Norman and Miss Augusta Fredlund. Died at Oxford, Henry Co. Ill. on 15th ult., Mrs. Cynthia Patterson wife of O. Patterson, Esq.


May 8, 1857

From the Oquawka Plaindealer: Messrs. Reed and Bigelow have sold their establishment to Messrs. James K. Magic and David W. Mitchell.


Died on the 20th ult. at North Henderson, Mercer Co., Mrs. Elizabeth Keyser wife of S.S. Keyser, aged about 33 years.


May 22

The City Council, in the persons of C. Hardin and Jas. Neis, have contracted with Miss Jane Hogue to teach in Mrs. Smith’s house and rent with her. They have employed Miss Fanny Nye to teach in the primary school.


Married 17th inst. by John Miller, minister, Mr. Absolom W. Newkirk and Miss Nancy E. Springsteel, both of this county.


Married 19th inst. by Elisha Nye, Esq., Mr. William Johnson and Miss Francis Neffs, all of this county.


Married --- by H.F. Sexon, Esq., Mr. Thos. Faulkner and Miss Matilda Collier(?), all of this county.


Died in this city on 7th inst., Mrs. Elizabeth C. Matthews, relict of the late Rev. John Matthews, D.D. Professor of Theology in New Albany Theological Seminary and mother of Rev. R.C. Matthews of this city, age 73 years.


Died at Denny on 18th inst., Miss Mary daughter of Lovett P. and Mary E. Rockwell, aged 14y, 15d.


June 5

From The Keith Observer: Patrick Cowley, Michael Casey and Edward Flinn got into a quarrel, a few miles east of New Boston, over a jug of whiskey which terminated in the death of Casey and wounding of Flinn. Cowley was conveyed to the jail in Knoxville.


A son of Mr. James Andrews of Saratoga was killed when cleaning his gun. Eliza Gleason vs. Linus Gleason (non-resident). Divorce.


Married 28th May, by Rev. Charles H. Warnum, Mr. James Weeks and Miss Phebe Timmons.


Died in this city on 3d inst. after a lingering illness, Harrison E. Fay, formerly of Southbridge, Massachusetts, aged 45 years.


June 12

Miss H.F. Agard of Cincinnati will open a writing school in Monmouth.


June 19

Married at the Baptist Church in this city on Sun. last by Rev. A. Tucker, Mr. Norman Matteson and Miss Elizabeth Schussler.


Married May 30th by Rev. A.L. Pennoyer of Roseville, Mr. Lewis Pauley and Miss Sophia Waldron.


Married in this city by Rev. J. Soule, Mr. Charles R. Armstrong of Monmouth and Miss Jessie M. White of Washington, Pa.


Notice is hereby given that S.S. Phelps and William Shores have dissolved their partnership by mutual consent.


June 26, 1857

Married in this city on 21st inst. at the residence of Mr. Gardner by Rev. Anson Tucker, Mr. Allen Broomhall of Atalissa, Iowa, formerly of Belmont, Ohio and Miss Harriet Fowler of Barnesville, Ohio.


Married in this city on 7th inst. by E.A. Paine, Esq. Mr. Abadial Lawton and Miss Agnes Brown.


July 3, 1857

Died in this city, Mary H., infant daughter of John W. & Martha S. Fletcher.


Whiteside Co. Illinois: Denton Johnson, a young man, was killed instantly by lightning near Empire. Peter Hax, while fishing in the river near Sterling, discovered his boat was drifting toward the dam. He drowned while attempting to swim to shore. He leaves a wife and two children. George Debbie and his team of horses was killed at a railroad crossing by the train.


From The Oquawka Plaindealer: Mr. Joseph Campbell, son of James Campbell, about 21 years, was killed when a colt he was riding reared and threw him. His feet were entangled in the harness and as the colt ran, the young man’s head struck the ground. He lived but a few minutes.


July 10

The students at Galesburg protested en masse the dismissal of President Blanchard by the Board of Trustees.


Died at Spring Grove on 5th inst., Mrs. Margaret Boggs, aged 80 years, formerly of Huntington Co. Pennsylvania.


Oscar F. Presson vs. Stephen Presson (non-resident), Thankful Gates, Esther Hebbard, Luther Hebbard, Joe W. Adcock, Exec. of Sam’1 Presson, deceased. Notice to appear in Chancery.


Cornelius Chatterton, Sen., Oliver Chatterton and Cornelius Chatterton, Jr. vs. Abiram[sic] Pierce (non-resident), Clement Pierce and William Currier. Petition for deed.


July 17, 1857

Married at the residence of her father, John W. Giddings, Esq., on 9th inst. by Rev. Francis M. Chaffee, Mr. William Walden and Miss Rhoby Giddings, all of Warren Co.


Married in Floyd Twp. on the 29th ult. by Rev. H.S.P. Warren, Mr. Robert Jones and Miss Caroline B. Willard, both late of Jamestown, New York.


Married on 2nd inst. by Rev. Joseph M. Kindle, Mr. Joseph Short and Miss Susan Briley, all of Warren Co.


Married 12th inst. by Wm. S. Weir, Esq., in Hale, Mr. William Burns and Miss Harriet Day.


July 24

From the Muscatine Journal: Information wanted on Richard Cordell supposed to be in the Muscatine area.. Elizabeth Cordell, who claims to be a sister came to Wataga, Knox Co., Ill., from Missouri and was hired to work in the family of Mr. Sbuires [sic; Squires]. On Mon., she met with an accident which will probably cause her death. Having a pin in her mouth, while picking her teeth with another, she sneezed, causing her to swallow both of them. A surgeon extracted one, but the other is lodged in her lungs. Richard Cordell is urged to contact F.F. Denton.


From the Knoxville Republican: A little Swede girl named Hannah Johnson, living in the South part of the city, about 9 years old, fell from a cherry tree and a limb entered her body. The physicians say it is not probable she will survive.


David Collins was killed on the Peoria and Oquawka Railroad a few days since. He was acting as brakeman when suddenly the cars became uncoupled. He resided in this place last winter and was esteemed by those who had formed his acquaintance.


Died in this city, on 28th June, Hezekiah T., son of James M. and Sarah Rusk, of Hypotrophy enlargement of the heart with congestion of the lungs, age 19 years. Eulogy.


July 31, 1857

Jas. W. Davidson, Esq., long resident of this county has received the appointment of U.S. Marshall for the Northern District of Illinois.


From the Oskaloosa Herald: The citizens of Poweshiek Co. hung Wm. B. Thomas charged with the murder of Mr. and Mrs. Casteel. This makes the tenth victim of mob violence in Iowa since the 1st of April: Four in Jackson, five in Cedar and one in Poweschiek.


Salaries for teachers granted by the Board of Education:

W.B. Jenks ($100), Seth C. Arnold ($120), Miss A. Simpson ($90), Miss F.L. Simpson ($90), Miss E.A. Corwin ($90), Miss M.S. Madden ($90).


Married 12th inst. by James L. Townley, Mr. William H. Ray and Miss Ruth Anderson.


Married 15th inst. by George C. Adcock, Esq., Mr. Joseph W. Weddell and Miss Julia A. Hughes, all of Warren Co.


Married 17th inst. by Elisha Nye, Esq., at the McMillan House in this City, Mr. Silas J. Roe of Knox Co. and Miss Nancy Ann Swim of Warren Co.


Died 10th inst. at his residence in this county, Col. Robert Gilmore in the 75th year of his age. Ezra S. Scott vs. Walden Scott. Attachment for debt.



August 7

Engineer Edwin F. Yoger was killed while driving the machinery of the shops of the M & M. Railroad to Davenport. John Leary, a laborer in Davenport, fell from the third story of a new building and was instantly killed.


Married on 21st July by H.F. Sexton, Esq., Mr. John K. Livermore and Miss Sarah Jane Correll, all of Warren Co.


Married at Green Bush on the same day by John Wingate, Esq., Mr. Samuel Cline and Miss Olivia S. Butler, daughter of Col. John Butler, all of Warren Co.


S.H. Smalley offers his 100 acre farm for sale.


August 14, 1857

Board of Education has employed Miss J.A. Hogue, Miss Taylor, Miss Henrietta Gifford and Miss Mary J. Browning. .


Rev. D.A. Wallace inaugurated as President of Monmouth College. (Note: David Alexander Wallace was born 1836 in Guernsey Co. Ohio. For more information see H.F. Wallace, A Busy Life A Tribute to the Memory of Rev. David A. Wallace, D.D. LL.D. Greely, Colorado, n.p. 1885.)


Married at Roseville on 29th by L.L. Ury, Esq., Mr. Robert J. Boon and Miss Hannah Carr.


Married at the McMillan House in this city on 6th inst. by Elisha Nye, Esq., Mr. Peter Burnaugh and Miss Sarah Dorman.


Married on 9th inst. by Rev. J. Soule, Mr. Othella Van Velkinburon and Miss Virginia Zug.


Married at the Baldwin House in this city on the 13th inst. by the same, Mr. Paul Breny and Miss Phoebe A. Moore.


Died in Spring Grove Twp., last Monday of flux Mr. Theodore Jennings, aged about 40 years. Died in this township on Tues. morning last, Emily daughter of the late N. Buck.


August 21

Several new residences are up. The most attractive one is that of Messrs. Geo. Babcock and Wm. Y. Henry on Broadway. When completed, it will likely be the most fashionable house here. Andrew Claycomb, Esq. is erecting a substantial and beautiful residence on the Rosenbaum property. A.H. Griffith, Esq., has a large brick residence nearly completed.


Two men calling themselves George Lee and John McGuire were arrested in Dubuque for passing counterfeit money and put in the calaboose. They escaped and proceeded up the river, robbing one of the passengers of a gold watch. Mr. Carpenter got track of them, arrested them at McGregor’s. On the 11th, they broke open their rooms, jumped into the river water and were never afterward seen, probably being drowned.


My wife, Martha, has left my bed and board without just cause or provocation. I will not be responsible for debts of her contracting. George P. Arnold, Monmouth.


August 28, 1857

Pres. Blanchard has been requested to resume the Presidency of Knox College.


Married 22nd inst. at the residence of A.W. Noe in this city by A.W. Noe, Esq., Mr. James Norman and Miss Rebecca Benson, all of Young America.


Married in the city by E.A. Paine, Esq. on 23d inst., Mr. Joseph Deeds and Miss Augusta Chatfield.


Died in this city of dysentery August 23, Jesse, aged 1y, 4m, 9d; also on August 25th, Maria aged 1y, 4m, 12 days, twin daughters of C.S. Adaline Scott. Eulogy.


September 4

Married 27th ult. here by G.W. Hunnicutt, Esq,. Mr. Thos. J. Dowden and Mrs. Adaline Bunker.


Married on same day by Rev. J.R. Nevrus, Mr. Charles R.P. Sharp and Miss Mary Jane Warner.


Married on 31st ult. here by Elisha Nye, Esq., Mr. Joshua Smith and Miss Christina A. Dorand.


September 11

Married on 27th of August by D.C. Riggs, Esq., Mr. Sidney Lardon and Miss Britty --mer.


Married on same day by the Rev. Chas. H. Warnam, Mr. Alexander Martin and Miss Martha J. Crawford.

Married 3d inst. by Rev. Samuel Miller, Mr. William W. Allen and Miss Ellen M. Armstrong(?).


Married 9th inst. in this city by Rev. Soule, Mr. Solomon Sovereign of Roseville and Miss Ann Miller of Young America, Warren Co.


Died in this city on September 9th, Maria Jennet, eldest daughter of E.S. and Adaline Scott, aged 5y, 5 months, 4 weeks and 1 day.


September 18

From the Galesburg Free Democrat: Dr. Edward Lendall of North Prairie was in a serious carriage accident which nearly proved fatal. Details.


From The Fairfield (Iowa) Ledger: Miss Sarah E. Fulton died the 25th ult. at her parent’s residence when she jumped or was thrown from a buggy, breaking her leg.


Died in Hale Twp. on 4th inst., Mrs. Sarah Matilda Woods, wife of Mr. N.W. Woods, aged about 24 years. Mrs. W. was a daughter of Samuel Huston of Cumberland Co. Pennsylvania.


From The Galesburg Free Democrat: H.T. Avery was overtaken by a thunder shower last Wed. when driving home from Knoxville. He was scarcely inside when a flash of lightning killed his team of horses.


September 25, 1857

Married 16th of August by C.M. Felt, Esq., Mr. Melvin R. Timberlake and Mrs. Nancy Keenan.


Married 20th of August by Rev. R.C. Matthews, Mr. Ira W. Derry and Miss Alice Wilson. Married on 27th of August by same, Col. A.N. Armstrong of Oquawka and Miss Ellen J. Curry.


Married on 3d inst. by Rev. L.S. Wallace, Mr. Albert J. Dobyns and Miss Lucy Ann Deweese. Married 13th inst. by Rev. T.M. Chaffee, Mr. Joseph Milligan and Miss Harriet Davis.


Married at the McMillan House in this city on 16th inst., by Rev. T.S. Vail, Mr. George Gale of Galesburg and Miss Elizabeth Kenedy of Knox Co.


Married 22d inst. by Rev. J.C. McKnight, Mr. John S. Hogue and Miss Marilda Quinn, all of Spring Grove Twp.


Married 27th inst. by Rev. Wm. Nick, Mr. Ambrose Jones of Knox Co. and Miss Elizabeth Ritchie of Warren.


Married 9th inst. by Rev. John Scott, Mr. I.M. Kirkpatrick and Miss Emma E. Walker, all of Warren Co.


October 2

Central Committee of Republicans: Edward Jones, Hiram Baldwin, Franklin Ogden, Wm. Graham, C. Hardin.


Married 29th ult. at the Baldwin House by Rev. D.A. Wallace, Mr. Joseph W. Harwood and Mrs. C.C. Selfridge.


October 16, 1857

In Galesburg a day or two ago, E J. Young, the keeper of a drinking house struck his bar tender Wm. Coates on the head and killed him. Young was arrested and committed to jail.


The family of Mr. Sackrider of Kewanee, Ill. was poisoned on the 5th inst. The poison is supposed to have been put in their coffee. Wm. Whiteford and Thomas Young were arrested.


On 30th ult. Mrs. Kirkpatrick wife of Josiah Kirkpatrick living at Swan Creek, in this county was killed when thrown from a buggy. She started on a visit with a little girl and was going down a slight descent when the breeching broke. The girl was saved by jumping. Mrs. K. was thrown across a log, her comb driven so far into her head that it could not be extricated and she was buried in that condition. She was 66 years of age.


Died in this city October 8th, Carrie, youngest daughter of J.D. Browning, aged 11 years.


Died in Warren Co. on 5th inst. after a short and painful illness, George Smith, aged 17 years, 9 months. He was the son of the late Rev. George E. Smith and was much esteemed. Eulogy.


Notsil Bear has a boy, 13 years old, he would like to put to trade. Contact him at the residence of Mr. Robert Ganibell, Water Street.


October 23

Died in this city on Monday morning last, Rev. William G. Wallace.



October 30, 1857

Married in this city on 29th inst., by Rev. R.C. Matthews, Mr. Edward Green of Spencer, Mass. and Miss Lucia A. Elliot of this place.


Died at the house of John Killian in this city on October 26, Mr. Wm. Butler, aged 42 years. His death was caused by exhaustion from chronic Diarrhea.


November 6, 1857

From the Galesburg Free Democrat: Two men drowned in a well of the Peoria and Oquawka Railroad. One was John Archer, an elderly Englishman by birth and the other Patrick Welsh, an Irishman, aged about 25 years. Details.


Married 3d inst. by Rev. David Wallace, Mr. William Graham and Miss E.A. Patton, all of Monmouth.


Died in Little York on 22d of October of consumption, Mrs. Rebecca Mahaffy in the 42d year of her age. Eulogy.


Died in Tompkins October 30th, Mary Ann daughter of John & Elizabeth Martin, in the 15th year of her age.


Died in Centre Point, Knox Co. on 25th inst. Alexander Hamilton, son of Alex. H. and Sally Ann Moore, aged about 15 months.


November 13

From the Aledo Record: Mrs. Joseph Weddle of Aledo was thrown from a horse and so badly injured her recovery is doubtful.


Married 8th inst. by Elder Daniel Delano at the house of Mr. Paine at Point Pleasant, Mr. L.N. Mitchell of Roseville and Miss Eliza A. Warner of Perrie, Lake Co., Ohio.


Married 29th October by Rev. J.A. Edie, Mr. Joseph C. Black of Warren Co. to Miss Nancy A. Gordon of Mercer Co.


Married same day by same, Mr. Isaac H. Swain to Miss Martha J. Black, both of Warren Co.


Died 2d inst. at his residence in Spring Grove, Mr. Samuel Thompson, aged 47y, 3m, 26d.


All persons having any claims against the estate of Samuel Thompson, late of Warren Co., deceased, are requested to exhibit them. John E. Thompson, Administrator.


November 20

Mr. Jacob Speakman residing two miles southwest of the city, about 60 years of age, fell and broke his collar bone. Dr. Cunningham was called and made use of the his new appliances advertised elsewhere in our paper.


November 27

Notice is hereby given that James D. Mackey and Gilbert A. Seright have dissolved their partnership by mutual consent.


December 4, 1857

Maria J. Reynolds vs. Henry Reynolds, Joseph Reynolds and Helen L. Reynolds, all non-residents. Petition for sale of real estate by guardian.


Married in Galesburg on 19th ult. by Zimri Pond, Esq., Mr. E. W. Rowe and Mrs. Mary A. Cowan, both of Cameron, Warren Co.


Died 19th November at Abingdon, Illinois, while attending Weslyan College, Miss Sarah C. Henry daughter of Horatio F. & Mary Henry of Monmouth from congestive chill, aged 20 years. Eulogy.


December 11

Married 8th inst. at the residence of E.A. Paine, Esq., by the Rev. Mr. Scott, James McCoy, Esq., to Miss Elvira Stearns.


December 18

Resolution of Respect passed December 11 by the Philadelphian Literary Society at Monmouth College for Mr. Albert Foster, formerly a student of the institution.


Died in this city on 16th inst., Howard, son of Rev. Anson Tucker, aged about 3 years.


December 25, 1857

Died in this city on 16th inst. of Edematous Croup, Howard, son of Rev. A. & Mrs. L. Tucker aged 2y, 11m. Long Eulogy.